General Guidelines

This section defines messaging points and language tips for capturing the spirit of This Is That Place. When we speak to our fellow associates, it's important to do so in a way they can identify with. The following section has general guidelines and examples for how to do this.

General Tone of Voice

Less is more: be concise and clear.

Positivity and inclusivity are mandatory.

Always center on the people that make Walmart great.

Language should be relatable and pleasant.

General Grammar

When referring to the campaign, write as This Is That Place.

Use oxford commas.

May use an exclamation mark in headlines on occasion.

Numerals below the number ‘10’ should be written out.

Avoid long sentences.

Avoid colons, semi-colons, and em dashes.
  • Tone of Voice Do's

    The language used in This Is That Place should bring energy and inspiration to our teams. We have a specific tone that captures our fresh, always-Walmart spirit.

    Our Tone is Always:

    Confident (but not authoritative)

    We speak confidently because we are credible leaders and innovators. We are a place that takes pride in our associates. But we’re not brash, and we don’t tell people what to do. We’d rather help them find their own confidence than make rigid rules.

    Where your career can hit its stride.

    Walmart is the only place to be if you want a great career.

    Where you’ll get opportunities to grow in your career.

    Follow these steps and you’ll have the career you’ve always imagined.

    Our innovation allows our people to do the best work of their lives.

    Our ability to innovate makes us a top tier company.

    Genuine (but not casual)

    Our language sounds like it comes from real people, not from a corporate board room. Every associate should easily see themselves in our words. To foster respect among all who work with us, we won’t be overly chummy or unprofessional.

    Pick the benefits that benefit you most.

    The benefits we offer will make your head spin.

    Where you can be yourself at work.

    Where you can let that inner light shine through.

    Where great ideas can come from anywhere.

    Where you can throw out “the box" and think for yourself.

    Upbeat (but not silly)

    The copy is energetic and we focus on the positive. Wherever we can, we show opportunity and motivate our associates to embrace it. Remember, our upbeat nature has a purpose, so it should never feel goofy or outlandish.

    Where PTO turns into PAID.

    Cha-ching! Turn your PTO into mad cash!

    Where promotions are always within reach.

    We hand out promotions like hot cakes!

    Be a force for good in your community.

    Hunger? Check. Disaster relief? Check.

  • Tone of Voice Don'ts

    Our Tone is Never:


    We are more than a workforce. We are a community. A community that values, supports, and champions every associate’s unique styles, experiences, ideas, and opinions. We want every associate to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe in bringing their whole selves to work.

    Walmart offers online training for all associates, from the boardroom to the stockroom.

    Walmart offers online training for all associates, from chairmen to salesmen.


    It shouldn’t take a translator to know what we’re saying. Simple language is best.

    From medical to dental to vision, you can choose the benefits that benefit you the most.

    Walmart leverages a best-in-class, flexible system to allow customization of our benefits offering during associates’ open enrollment process.


    Our modern optimism and upbeat energy should never feel childish. Avoid corny jokes and wordplay that may be seen as child-like, and avoid abbreviations or ‘text speak’ (LOL, BRB, etc).

    We're tech-powered and people-lead.

    TFW your tech is like, the best ever.