Design Guide

The following creative principles guide all creative for This Is That Place.


With over 2 million associates around the world, our priority is always inclusivity. Regardless of any different styles, experiences, ideas, or opinions, it's critical that every associate who works at Walmart in any capacity feels valued, supported, and championed in their work.

Unexpected & Fresh

Our look and tone represent new territory for Walmart – a modern, illustration-driven look that brings energy to associates across the company. The lively expression should feel different from what Walmart has done before. If it feels familiar, give it another look.

Expressive & Energetic

We are on the forefront of major change in our industry, and our creative captures the palpable momentum and renewed energy at Walmart. If it starts to feel tired, it’s time to re-think it.
  • Our Logo

    Our logo symbolizes the vibrancy of people, culture, careers, and choices that our associates have available to them at Walmart. It incorporates our familiar half-spark and Bogle typeface.
    This Is That Place Logo
  • Logo Suite

    The Trademark Logo

    Our trademark logo must be present in any singular experience (the whole screen, your view of the store, etc). The trademark logo is always shown in full color. Do not rotate, distort or overlap the Trademark Logo or any of the Walmart logos.
    Trademark Logo Specs with padding

    The Icon

    In specific cases a condensed form of our logo may in used in the form of our icon. Our icon is a modified version of our Walmart TradeSpark.
    icon spark with circle R covered
    Circle R
    • Our logo has a preferred version with a circle R.
    • A circle R is not used when the logos are so small that they become illegible. Use the alternate versions provided in the This Is That Place Toolkit.
    • Check minimum sizes provided for guidance.
    • When making a 3D logo, use a version without the circle R as it may be cost prohibitive to fabricate. At large scale (e.g., a truck), consider using a logo without the circle R to avoid distraction.

    * Note: Logos and lockups without a circle R on this page are too small, making the registration mark illegible. The alternate versions have been used. Please refer to the This Is That Place Toolkit for all logo versions.
    All uses of the This Is That Place logo and icon must be approved by
  • Logo Usage


    Logo Usage yes 1

    DO place logo on our background colors.

    logo usage yes 2

    DO place logo on our background colors.

    Logo Usage yes 3

    DO place logo on white.

    Do not

    No - effects

    DO NOT apply any effects to our logo.

    No - low contrast

    DO NOT place logo on a background with low contrast.

    No - reverse

    DO NOT reverse logo in white and place on colored background.

    No - lifted half spark

    DO NOT lift the half-spark and apply to other scenarios.

    No - both versions

    DO NOT use both versions of the logo together or within the same layout.


    Some situations may arise where a monochrome logo is needed. Always use this as a last resort.
    Monochrome logo
  • Logo & Copy Within Layout

    Our logo should always be the ‘pay-off’ for the headline and copy. Therefore our logo must always be read last in hierarchy.

    We have a preference to place the logo in the bottom right-hand corner of the layout, however the golden rule is that the logo must NEVER be read before the headline or subcopy.


    copy layouts 1

    Correct use of copy and logo within layout.

    copy layouts 2

    Correct use of copy and logo within layout.

    copy layouts 3

    Correct use of copy and logo within layout.

    copy layouts 5

    Correct use of copy and logo within layout.

    copy layouts 4

    Correct use of copy and logo within layout.

    copy layouts 6

    The preferred lockup for the logo is the bottom-right corner, however, if this is not appropriate for a case, the logo may be placed anywhere as long as it is read last in the layout.

    Do not

    bad copy layout

    Logo must not be placed before the headline or body copy.