Brand Illustration Artist, Role & Style

About the Artist:
London-based illustrator and artist Ryan Todd is behind our brand illustrations.

Illustration Characteristics
Subject-wise, his illustrations are hopeful, whimsical, witty, and convey a world full of possibilities and surprises.

Visually, they are highly-graphic, bold, colorful, and composed of interesting perspectives and simple compositions. Graphic color-blocking and rough-line work also define his style.

The role of our illustrations is to bring specific messaging to life in a fun, unexpected, and charmingly odd manner.

Color Combinations
When it comes to color combinations, we strive to keep the color selection minimal to ensure simplicity and proper contrast.

Custom Illustrations
We are building a vast library of illustrations and iconography that can be used for messaging. These will be made available at regular intervals throughout the year.

You can also request a specific illustration to be made by contacting the Associate Brand at Walmart at the email below.

Associate Brand:
Illustration best practices pane.
  • Illustration Palette

    To allow us to create more depth within our illustrations, we use an extended version of the main brand palette. These ‘dark’ versions of our brand colors allow us to create more depth and shadow in our graphics.

    These dark colors are for use solely in illustrations.
    extended brand pallet
  • Illustrations in Layout

    Remember that our illustrations are whimsical in nature, and therefore need to be shown in their entirety to communicate clearly.


    • Keep space
    • Use color to emphasize a word in the message
    • Try to select a color within the image to apply to the headline (to prevent a rainbow effect)


    • Overlap logo on illustrations
    • Overlap text on illustrations


    illustration in layout 1

    DO show entire illustration.

    illustration in layout 2

    DO use a color within the image.

    Do not

    illustration in layout 3

    DON’T overlap text or logo on illustration.

  • Examples of Best Design Practices

    The rules stated in this toolkit are intended as a guide to help you communicate in a way that is true to our This Is That Place brand. Here are other examples of designs with illustrations.

    best practices