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Introduction to Adobe Experience Manager (AEM)

A world-class brand like Walmart needs world-class tools to work with! That’s why we’ve started to use Adobe Experience Manager to build our digital experiences, both internally and externally. AEM is a content management system (think PowerPoint on steroids) where you can move the creative ideas and content that you have in your head directly to a website. Sounds amazing, doesn’t it!

Start Building

First, let’s get you up to speed on how to best use the platform. Here are what external sites might look like, familiarize yourself with the components that are available (bottom left photo). For internal sites (bottom right photo), we want to be able to leverage our awesome new associate brand, so we built a site using the AEM platform for you to learn more about the aesthetic and user experience (UX).

Components AEM
UX Guidelines AEM

Accessing AEM

Eager to get in and start kicking the tires? We bet you are! To be added as a user, please email associatebrand@walmart.com. Include an overview of your project on and we’ll help your team get up and running.